2017-2018 Legislation

AB 39: This measure will create a California Hate Crime Registry.

AB 222: This bill creates parity between the sentencing for use of a false driver’s license or identification card and use of false documents to conceal the status of one’s immigration or citizenship status. If passed, all three crimes will be considered “wobblers” and will carry the same possible punishments: (1) Misdemeanor, subject to a period in county jail for a misdemeanor conviction, not to exceed one year, or (2) Felony, subject to 16 months, 2 or 3 years in prison, or a $10,000 fine.

AB 332: This bill amends current law to allow local governments to vacate a street or alley where persistent illegal dumping has been occurring.

AB 395: This bill will allow drug and alcohol treatment centers to use different types of medications, which are less addictive than those allowed they're allowed to use today, in the treatment of alcohol and opioid addiction. The measure will allow centers to provide a new, FDA-approved medication that "blocks" the body's desire for the drug, which is different from addiction medication that acts like the drug user needs.

AB 466: This bill would establish a working group for the watershed and tributaries of the LA River. This working group would be modeled after the Lower LA River Working Group established in 2014. The group would gather input from local non-profits, the LA Board of Supervisors, local cities and organizations that work with the Pacoima and Tujunga Washes. The bill aims to establish a group to coordinate inter-jurisdictional planning for setting conservation goals, developing project proposals, and coordinating funding opportunities.

AB 483: This bill would require the ARB, in conjunction with local air quality districts, to conduct air quality testing for a number of toxic pollutants in the air around small urban airports, like the Whiteman Airport in Pacoima. Additionally, the bill would direct the Department of Toxic Substances Control to test the soil around the airports for toxic materials and to determine if, as a result, the airport poses a threat to any groundwater basin in the area.

AB 621: In an effort to help bridge the financial burden classified employees face during the summer months, this measure will establish a summer furlough fund, which will be achieved through a 2:1 contribution account by the state and classified employees. The program will allow for classified workers to bridge the financial burden of school recess periods and create greater stability for their workers and families without threatening insolvency of the state's unemployment insurance fund.

AB 678: This measure will apply appropriate pressure on local governments that attempt to block, without good cause, housing projects. This measure will strengthen the Housing Accountability Act (HAA) by requiring a local agency to make relevant findings if a housing development is blocked, clarifies certain provisions of the HAA, and adds financial penalties for violation of the HAA.

AB 695: This measure will add passage of "on-track equipment," which is used in the maintenance of rail tracks, to the list of circumstances that require railroad crossing arms to come down/lights flash and drivers to stop at railroad crossings.

AB 1162: This measure will provide for enforcement mechanisms in situations where there are labor violations taking place on public works projects.

AB 1206: This bill will allow a city or county to adopt an ordinance declaring a motor vehicle to be a public nuisance subject to seizure and an impoundment of up to 30 days if the vehicle is used in the commission or attempted commission of the crimes of pimping, pandering, and soliciting, or agreeing to engage in, or engaging in any act of prostitution. Existing law allows for the passage of such ordinance, but allows towing only if an individual has a prior conviction within the last three years. This measure strikes the three-year conviction requirement.

AB 1217: This bill establishes the California Teacher Corps program to provide (approximately) $60 million in one-time Prop. 98 funding for matching grants to local school districts to create or expand teacher residency programs. Grant funding can be used for master teacher stipends, stipends and tuition for residents, and costs of mentoring and induction. Programs encouraging bilingual, STEM and special education teachers will be prioritized in the grant application process.

AB 1322, ACA 7: These measures will allow disabled persons or those over the age of 55 to transfer their base year value to a home of equal or lesser value in any county in California.

AB 1664: This measure would create career tech training programs, overseen by the California film Commission, for the purposes of training and preparing individuals to enter the film and television craft trades.

ACR 23: This measure will name a portion of the highway in Pacoima (I-5 between SR 118 and I-210) after Ritchie Valens.