Debt Free Future: Solutions to the Student Debt Crisis

Debt Free Future: Solutions to the Student Debt CrisisEvery 28 seconds someone defaults on their student loans from the $134.3 billion in total outstanding student debt in California.

Protecting the rights of the borrowers is imperative to our nation’s prosperity. The average student debt balance is $35,517, making it difficult for borrowers to buy homes, invest, and start businesses. To allow the next generation of Americans to innovate and succeed we must demand change and empower borrowers with financial literacy.

  • End abusive practices by the student loan industry.
  • Create new “rules of the road” for student loan companies.
  • Create special protections for vulnerable populations.
  • Create a new Student Borrower Advocate in California.
  • Demand transparency from the student loan industry.
  • Empower borrowers with financial literacy.

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